2020-04-23 – Nervous Market and USDCHF Against EURUSD, and EURJPY

Hi everyone! Many breakeven positions today. The market is nervous.

AUDJPY Breakeven

GBPUSD Breakeven

2020-04-23 - Closed Orders

+109.46 in total.

I did not interfere with the EA-Assistant’s trading this time, and at least one negative trade could be closed with a small profit instead of a loss. I’m talking about the USDCHF currency pair, which showed a SELL signal along with similar signals for the EURUSD and EURJPY currency pairs.

EURUSD Sell Signal

EURJPY Sell Signal

I would try to avoid opening a position on USDCHF against these pairs or close the position with a small profit in the nearest time after opening. We must monitor it during the trading process!

USDCHF Sell Signal

It’s the ability to close a position before the price breaks the trailing stop level:

GBPCHF Ability to Close Position

EURCAD Weakness

This already works as AOTI-EA-Assistant v2.3, since many changes and improvements have already been made in v2.2.

I am currently creating a new version of the AOTI indicator to improve integration with AOTI-EA-Assistant for it and, at the same time, creating a new version of AOTI-EA-Assistant, adding new features to improve it.

The new version of AOTI-EA-Assistant will have (among other things) smarter breakeven and trailing. Until now, I wouldn’t say I liked the way they worked before.

I plan to release this to the market soon. Follow the news.

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