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The Scalper Inside PRO is an exclusive indicator that utilizes an innovative algorithm to swiftly and accurately determine the market trend. The indicator automatically calculates opening, closing, and profit levels, providing detailed trading statistics. With these features, you can choose the most appropriate trading instrument for the current market conditions. Additionally, you can easily integrate your own arrow indicators into Scalper Inside Pro to quickly evaluate their statistics and profitability.

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Scalper Inside PRO

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Current Version: v4.4

Description: The Scalper Inside Pro is an exclusive indicator that utilizes an innovative algorithm to swiftly and accurately determine the market trend. The indicator automatically calculates opening, closing, and profit levels, providing detailed trading statistics. With these features, you can choose the most appropriate trading instrument for the current market conditions. Additionally, you can easily integrate your own arrow indicators into Scalper Inside Pro to quickly evaluate their statistics and profitability.

Trading Instruments: Any

Working Time Frame: Any, but M5 recommended

Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4

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Scalper Inside PRO Features

Scalper Inside Pro Features

  • Innovative Powerful Algorithm for precisely determining Reversal Points

  • Automatic Calculation of opening, closing, and profit levels

  • Detailed Statistics for quick market analysis

  • Global Preset System for simplified expansion of the indicator functionality

  • Built-in Optimization Module for easy optimization of the indicator for the current trading instrument

  • High Time Frame (HTF) Impulse Filter for even higher accuracy of indicator signals

  • HTF-Filter Trailing System for advice on setting and trailing stops

  • Can be used for Different Markets and Trading Instruments

  • Possibility to Connect Custom Indicators for quick check of their profitability

  • Simple Usage Rules for beginners and experienced traders

  • 100% Non-Repainting Fully Customizable Indicator

Easy-to-Use Rules

Easy-to-Use Rules

We have two possible entry modes for opening a position: Next Candle Entry Mode and Delta Entry Mode. Let’s explore the difference between these modes.

Open Position in Next Candle Entry Mode

Next Candle Entry mode works well with trending instruments and markets. In this mode, a position is opened immediately on the next bar after the signal. The main objective of this entry mode is to enter the market as quickly as possible.

Scalper Inside PRO - Next Canlde Entry Mode

Open Position in Delta Entry Mode

The Delta Entry mode works best in a ranging market or less volatile trading instruments. In this mode, after a signal appears, we wait for the price to reach a certain level for position entry. This can be both a market order and a pending order. The signal is considered invalidated upon the appearance of an opposite signal or after the price has passed a certain number of bars. Therefore, on a ranging market, this mode helps prevent positions from opening on minor price movements or retracements from the main trend.

Scalper Inside PRO Delta Entry Mode

As a rule, the higher time frame we use, the generally higher Delta value we should set to avoid false price spikes.

XAUUSD Delta Entry Example

Position Closure Options

We close our position when the price reaches the profit levels:

Profit Levels Reached

If the price has not reached our expected profit levels, we close such a position based on the opposite signal, regardless of the profit (closing position in Reversal Mode):

Closing Position in Reversal Mode

If you are using manual settings for Stop Loss levels, the previous options will also include reaching the Stop Loss level by price:

Manual Stop Loss Setting

Scalper Inside PRO Profit Indicator

Control Panel Description

Scalper Inside PRO Control Panel

How to Minimize and Move the Control Panel

Settings of the Scalper Inside Pro Indicator

Entry Mode

Selecting Trading Strategy and Adjusting Strategy Sensitivity and Open Position Mode,

SIPRO Entry Mode

Select StrategyStrategy-1
Custom Indicator
Strategy 1-2 SensitivityValues from (-5) to (+5)
The higher the value of this parameter, the less sensitive the indicator becomes. A higher value is set to filter out noise in a flat market, while a lower value is used for more frequent signals, albeit with higher market noise
Open Position ModeDelta Entry
Next Candle Entry

Open Position Mode Example

We have previously mentioned the difference between both options. In short, Next Candle Entry Mode means opening a position on the next candle after the signal. On the other hand, Delta Entry Mode involves entering at a specific level, which is at a certain distance from the signal’s appearance. It is this distance in the entry level for the Delta Entry mode that is determined by the following settings:

Delta Entry Settings

Scalper Inside PRO Delta Entry

Delta for Open Level – distance to the level of position opening in the Delta Entry mode.

Time Filter Settings

SIPRO Time Filter Settings

Activate a Time Filter: If true, the indicator only operates at the specified (terminal) time from ‘Start Hour’ to ‘Stop Hour’.

Custom Indicators

This module enables you to attach an arrow-based custom indicator with default settings for a quick evaluation of the profitability of an external custom indicator.

SIPRO Custom Indicators

Custom Indicator NameName of the custom indicator
Custom Indicator Signal BarOn which bar does the alert appear when a signal is generated (Current Bar [0] / Closed Bar [1])
Current Bar Pause Between Alerts (Seconds)Pause in seconds between signals on the current (zero) bar
Buy Buffer (default: Buffer 0)Buy buffer of the external indicator (values from Buffer 0 to Buffer 16)
Sell Buffer (default: Buffer 1)Sell buffer of the external indicator (values from Buffer 0 to Buffer 16).

For more details about connecting custom indicators, please read here.

Exit Rules

SIPRO Exit Rules

Select Close Position Settings

Auto Calculate SLStop Loss level is calculated automatically
Reversal SLClose positions on the opposite (reversal) Signal
Use Manual SLUse Manual Stop Loss

Manual Targets

SIPRO Manual Targets

Use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3Use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3 (true/false)
Manual TP1 (Pips), Manual TP2 (Pips) (0 – disabled), Manual TP3 (Pips) (0 – disabled)Manual TP1, Manual TP2, Manual TP3 values, if ‘Use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3′ = true
Manual SL (Pips) (if Exit = Use Manual SL)Manual SL value, if ‘Select Close Position Settings’ = Use Manual SL

High Time Frame (HTF) Impulse Filter Settings

The High Time Frame (HTF) Impulse Filter was created to enhance the accuracy of indicator signals and simplify the market analysis process for traders.

SIPRO HTF Impulse Filter Settings

Use HTF Impulse FilterActivation and Usage High Time Frame (HTF) Impulse Filter
Stop Loss Trailing Advices with HTF-FilterActivation and Usage of Initial and Trailing Stop Level Advice. Subsequent stop levels are displayed only if they are plotted at a better price than the previous one.
Delta for Buy HTF TrailingDelta for trailing level offset from the price for Buy trades
Delta for Sell HTF TrailingDelta for trailing level offset from the price for Sell trades
Use Text Labels for HTF-Filter LevelsEnabling / Disabling price labels for trailing levels
HTF Text Labels Font SizeFont size for labels of trailing levels

Read more about HTF-Filter and Trailing Advice System.

Alert Settings

SIPRO Alerts Settings

All Alerts DisabledWhen set to TRUE, quickly disables all alerts without the need to disable them individually
Alert only if WR% Exceeds ThresholdSends an alert about the appearance of a new indicator signal only if the WR% value for the current instrument is greater than or equal to the specified variable
Alert if Entry Level touch (for Delta Entry Mode)Sends an alert when the price touches the position’s Entry Level (in Delta Entry mode)
Enable HTF-Filter AlertsEnables/disables alerts when a new signal from the HTF-Filter appears
Email Alerts, Sound Alerts, Pop-up Alerts, Push Notifications AlertsEnables/disables different types of signals, when the Arrow Signal appears
Push Notification AppearanceAppearance of Push-notification:
• Values at One Line
• One Value per Row

Values at One Line:

SIPRO Values at One Line
Values at One Line

One Value per Row:

SIPRO One Value per Row
One Value per Row

Multiple Indicators

SIPRO Multiple Indicators

If you want to use two Scalper Inside Pro indicators simultaneously on the same chart but with different settings, this option is for you.

Use Multiple Indicators (true/false)Use Multiple Indicators (true / false)
Select Indicator LabelSelecting an indicator label for use (Indicator-1 / Indicator-2)

We set ‘Use Multiple Indicators’ = true for both indicator copies. For the first copy of the indicator, we select the label ‘Indicator-1‘, and for the second copy, we select ‘Indicator-2’:

Using two Scalper Inside Pro at Same Time

After that, we can then use two copies of the indicator on the same chart simultaneously.

Other Settings

SIPRO Other Settings

History Bars for CalculationNumber of bars for indicator calculations. If you have a less powerful computer or simply want to limit the calculation range of the indicator, then decrease this value.
Money Management (MM) Panel ActivationActivation of the built-in Money Management panel
SIPRO Money Management Panel
The Money Management panel is Activated

Visual Settings

SIPRO Visual Settings

Using Premade Template (if false – using custom colors)Use of predefined color presets. When set to ‘false,’ custom colors will be used
Select Color Theme (Dark or Light)Color scheme selection (Dark or Light)
SIPRO Dark Theme
Scalper Inside PRO – Dark Theme
SIPRO Light Theme
Scalper Inside PRO – Light Theme
Panel Size Scale (0.5 – 2.0)Allows to Increase or Decrease the Control Panel to a convenient size

All of the following graphical settings will allow you to turn signals on/off (vertical lines, arrows) and completely change the color scheme.

To use custom color settings, please do not forget to disable automatic theme selection: ‘Using Premade Template= false

High Time Frame (HTF) Impulse Filter and Trailing Advice System

About HTF-Filter

HTF-Filter operates as follows: by analyzing data from various timeframes, the HTF-Filter module generates a clear and consolidated signal. A Green square signifies an uptrend, while a Red square from the HTF-Filter represents a downtrend.

HTF-Filter Example

To answer any questions that may arise, let’s take a closer look at how HTF-Filter works.

Imagine that we have many different indicators that work on both the current timeframe and on higher timeframes.

If we place this multitude of indicators on the price chart, we will simply not see the price itself, which will have an extremely negative impact on our trading. HTF-Filter is just such a set of indicators implemented in one signal square. At its apparent simplicity, it includes a lot of different calculations, uses data from higher timeframes, but at the same time it is made in such a way that it remains as clear and simple for the user as possible.

HTF-Filter Signals Example

The numerous calculations that the HTF-Filter module performs are hidden behind a seemingly simple visual display.

As a result, we have a simple, but very effective and fast, view of the market.

So what does it mean if our primary signal is Sell and we get an Uptrend signal from the HTF-Filter? It does not necessarily mean the beginning of a trend reversal and a signal to close all Sell positions. But signals appearing against the main trend from the HTF-Filter tell us about the weakness of a movement. That is, if an Uptrend HTF-Filter signal appears on a downtrend, it indicates that the downtrend is weak at this point.

Thus, when there is a strong trend, the HTF-Filter will clearly show you this. If, on the other hand, the price finds it difficult to quickly overcome its trend path, you will also see this in the form of opposite HTF-Filter signals.

HTF-Filer Strong Downtrend

Many examples of using HTF-Filter in trading have already been described here.

HTF-Filter Trailing Advice Module

If we analyze all the previous information, it becomes clear that the HTF Trailing module is based on displaying areas of weakness of a certain trend. Understanding this allows us to create support/resistance levels – strong reference levels that we can rely on by placing our stop orders there. Thus, by moving stops following the price, we get something like trailing on strong levels formed by the price itself. In some ways it is similar to a new type of fractals, but it is a more complex and flexible structure than a fractal, because it takes into account the weakness of the price movement.

Uptrend Weakness Points

The signal from the HTF-Filter Trailing Module occurs when the HTF-Filter displays a signal opposite to the main indicator signal and then changes direction to align with the main signal again. During this time, the indicator plots a level at a crucial price peak at the moment of the appearance of the opposite signal from the HTF-Filter.

HTF-Filter Advice

Using the Delta for Buy HTF Trailing and Delta for Sell HTF Trailing settings in the HTF-Filter settings, we set the distance of HTF-Filter levels from price peaks to avoid their early triggering. The reason for this is that the price always has a “desire” to prick this level one last time, or even “pierce” it a little further in order to bring down the stop levels of those who placed limit orders there. So watch it carefully. It may even be worth considering these virtual levels, that is, not placing hard limit orders, but closing such positions from the market, which will avoid short-term price spikes that knock down stops.

HTF-Filter Trailing Example

Control Panel Extended Mode

Control Panel Extended Mode – an additional (extended) mode of the indicator’s control panel, providing access to various extra features, such as the built-in optimization module of the Scalper Inside Pro indicator.

SIPRO Control Panel Extended Mode

You can read more about it here.

Scalper Inside PRO Built-in Optimization Module

In one of the recent versions of Scalper Inside Pro, a killer feature (as users call it) was added – the built-in optimization module. Its purpose is to simplify and make accessible the process of adapting the indicator to the user’s preferred trading instrument and timeframe. In version 4.0 of the Scalper Inside PRO indicator, the optimization module’s characteristics were further improved for a better search of optimal settings.

SIPRO Optimization

You can read more about it here.

Scalper Inside PRO

Product URL: ScalperInsidePRO

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