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In this article, I will publish interesting ideas, facts, and solutions about the practical application of the Scalper Inside PRO indicator.

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Description: Scalper Inside PRO is an innovative product that uses the exclusive Next-Generation Trend Detection Algorithm (NG TDA) to determine the trend fast and accurately. Scalper Inside PRO is an indicator that will automatically determine the exact time of opening and closing positions and calculate detailed statistics to select the best trading instrument for your trade. Also, with Scalper Inside PRO indicator, you can connect custom indicators to check and calculate their statistics and profitability. The indicator is suitable for any trading instrument and timeframe.

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After I started live examples and notes about AOTI-EA-Assistant, I received many requests to make similar notes about the Scalper Inside PRO indicator. This is definitely a good idea, as it will help me systematize my practical knowledge and share it with you. Of course, the main reason why I didn’t do it before is the constant lack of time. I always have numerous plans and ideas, and unfortunately, not always enough time to implement them quickly. But, as I like to say, it is better to have many ideas but not enough time, than a lot of time with no ideas. In general, I will post useful information here more often, as soon as I have a bit of free time.

(02 March 2022) Gold is on a Roll Today

The price barely reached the TP2 target level, preparing for a reversal impulse:

02-03 - XAUUSD Position

And the impulse did not take long to wait. An unusually large candle with an above-average spread (VSA). There was very little time to open this position. And of course, it was risky enough to keep the position longer.

Another XAUUSD Position

When trading, pay attention to candles with such a wide spread. If we are talking about scalping on a lower time frame, then this is a good time to take profit.

(01 March 2022) Pips Hunting at Not Very Volatile Times

Scalper Inside PRO Statement

I had a little time in not the most volatile period of the market. The New York session was already tired and coming to an end. Made some pips positions for you. When the market is low volatility, I do not attempt to catch targets to TP3. Usually, I limit myself to TP2, and closer to the close of New York I can take TP1 targets as well. If the spread on the current pair is large, then I can add it to the target to compensate for the losses when opening the position. But in general, it is not a must-have decision because it is more important to look at the current market situation.

For example, you are waiting for a TP3 or TP2 target, but you see that the price stops at a certain level. Is it worth wasting time on such a position and taking a risk, if you can take a profit and just wait for the next appropriate signal?

Scalper Inside PRO - EURCAD

Wow, what’s up? What’s the little target? My friends, despite my more than 17 years of experience in trading, I’m still not perfect, and I make mistakes from time to time too. And is there even an ideal? And is it worth the effort to become perfect? In my opinion – definitely not. We can all make mistakes, make not entirely accurate decisions, etc. The main task for you, as a trader, is to learn to be right in the long run and be profitable as a result.

Remember one of the main rules – there is no such thing as a perfect trade, and everyone can make mistakes!

What was the reason for my underperformance in pips? We won’t even go to a higher time frame for that:

Scalper Inside - EURCAD Example

The first reason is the late time for trading because the volatility at this time (as a rule) is extremely low.

The second is the level of 1.41627. This is not a very significant level at normal times (more than that). But it is such an almost risk-free position. That was my evening target, though 1.41762 looks much more attractive for the price because it has a better formed peak. As a result, the price reached 1.41762 without any problems, and without me. 🙂

Another example with the CADJPY currency pair.

03-01 - CADJPY Unpredictible

In this case, I don’t consider the CADJPY situation to be inaccurate because there was more of my caution – the time was late for TP3. But, of course, it was worth a closer look at the H1, to see that the forecast of the indicator Scalper Inside PRO on the TP3 target matches perfectly the strong level.


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