Free Add-ons for Scalper Inside Pro – Download

Today you can download the two add-ons Colosseum and Samurai for the Scalper Inside Pro indicator for Free!

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Scalper Inside PRO

Product Name: Scalper Inside PRO

Product URL:

Description: Scalper Inside PRO is a trend indicator, giving accurate signals without repaint or delays, and allows you to test your own arrows indicators.

Currency Pairs and Time Frame: Any

Read More About The Indicator: About the Scalper Inside Pro

Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4

Recommended Brokers: Alpari

What are Add-ons for Scalper Inside Pro?

The Scalper Inside Pro indicator is a technically complex product, despite its apparent simplicity. It contains multiple algorithms and complex calculations to make a trader’s life as easy as possible. Also, thanks to its complex structure, we can add more add-ons to get new features and new signals.

We have already written about connecting custom indicators to the Scalper Inside Pro indicator in more detail here: Custom Indicators Connection and Testing

So what do the Colosseum and Samurai indicators look like if you install them on a chart without connecting them to the Scalper Inside Pro indicator? The answer is that you will not see anything as these are not usual indicators but add-ons for Scalper Inside Pro.

Colosseum and Samurai Indicators at the Chart

How to Connect the Colosseum and Samurai add-ons to Scalper Inside PRO

1) Place the indicators in the terminal folder:


2) Start the terminal and place the Scalper Inside Pro indicator on the price chart (any you want).

3) Configure the Scalper Inside Pro indicator to work with the desired add-on:

Select Strategy = Custom Indicator

Custom Indicator Name = Colosseum (or Samurai)

Buy Buffer = Buffer 0 (for both add-ons)

Sell Buffer = Buffer 1 (for both add-ons)

Scalper Inside Pro Indicator Settings

4) Press Ok and check the result:

Colosseum Indicator Example

We can connect the Samurai indicator in the same way:

Samurai Indicator Example

Now we come to the best part.

Download Colosseum and Samurai Add-ons for Free

No additional registrations or anything – we know you’re already tired of that. Just download the add-ons and use them with your version of Scalper Inside Pro. 1486kbDownload

Cup of Coffee

But if you ever want to thank me for my work, I’d be happy to have a cup of coffee with your support while working late at night on another piece of code. )))

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