2020-05-04 – Once Again About Total Profit fixation with the AOTI-EA-Assistant

Once again, about Total Profit fixation with the AOTI-EA-Assistant. I already wrote more about this profit fixing mode here.

Let's look at today's example.

So, the time is not far from the close of the NY session.

By this time, the EA-Assistant has already made a profit of $208 (see the screenshot below under the orange line).

Floating profit at that time was $9.6:

Floating Result

We have two options for further action.

1) We can wait for the end of the trading time and the profit that will be at that moment.

2) We can take profits now by closing both profitable and losing trades, thus obtaining a total profit.

Both methods have pros and cons:

With the first method, we can get a potentially large profit, but there is a risk of getting a loss.

With the second method, we do not receive higher potential profit, but do not risk further.

But in our example, I prefer to close a Total Profit, as the end of the NY session is nearing, and with a high probability, we will get a flat market after that. Therefore, it is more profitable now to close with a small profit and get a good profit for the day than to risk further.

We set the Total Profit value slightly more than the current profit (for example, $12) so as not to wait for the result for a long time. Then to set the Close All Orders with Total Profit variable value at ‘true‘.

2020-05-04 - Close Total Profit

And almost immediately, the AOTI-EA-Assistant fixes the Total Profit about $13:

Total Result

As you can see, the closing time of the last six orders is the same (with a difference of one second in the last two). It's the result of the Total Profit fixation algorithm in the AOTI-EA-Assistant.

Thus, the AOTI-EA-Assistant fixes a profit of $222.09 per current day.

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