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What do we need for a successful Intraday Scalping? We need to know the exact time and price to open and close our positions. Is it possible? Yes! Scalper Inside PRO makes simple intraday scalping possible.

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Scalper Inside PRO

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Current Version: v3.2

Description: Scalper Inside PRO is an innovative product that uses the exclusive Next-Generation Trend Detection Algorithm (NG TDA) to determine the trend fast and accurately. Scalper Inside PRO is an indicator that will automatically determine the exact time of opening and closing positions and calculate detailed statistics to select the best trading instrument for your trade. Also, with Scalper Inside PRO indicator, you can connect custom indicators to check and calculate their statistics and profitability. The indicator is suitable for any trading instrument and timeframe.

Trading Instruments: Any

Working Time Frame: Any, but M5 recommended

Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4

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Scalper Inside PRO
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Appearance and Main Features of the Scalper Inside PRO

Scalper Inside Cover

  • Next Generation Trend Detection Algorithm (NG TDA)

  • Automatic Detection of Entry and Exit Points

  • Detailed Statistics Calculation

  • Includes Two Superior Strategies + Free Addons

  • Suitable for Different Trading Instruments

  • Ability to Connect Custom Indicators to Calculate Statistics and Check Profitable

  • Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Traders

  • 100% Non-Repainting Indicator

  • Fully Customizable

Easy-to-Use Rules

1) Choose a trading instrument with a greater percentage of profitability:

Scalper Inside Choose Trading Instrument

2) Waiting for a new Signal:

Scalper Inside Waiting for New Signal

3) We open a position when the price touches the Entry Level (Delta Entry Mode):

Scalper Inside Pro Open Position

Delta Entry Mode: We open a position not immediately after the signal appears, but when the price touches the calculated Entry Level.

4) Closing the whole open position (or part of a position) at our TP Levels:

Scalper Inside Pro Close Position

5) If the price has not reached profit levels, we close positions on the opposite signal (SL: Reversal Mode):

Scalper Inside Pro Reversal Mode

Scalper Inside Loader

PRO Trend Detection Algorithm

PRO Built-in Strategies

PRO Analysis

PRO Trading

Control Panel Description

Control Panel Description - Scalper Inside PRO

How to Minimize and Move the Control Panel

Settings Description of the Scalper Inside PRO

Entry Rules

Scalper Inside Pro: Entry Rules
Scalper Inside Pro: Entry Rules
Select Strategy

Strategy choice for trading:

  • Strategy-1
  • Strategy-2
  • Custom Indicator

Strategy 1-2 Sensitivity

Adjusting the Sensitivity for Strategy 1-2 (values from -5 to +5)

Scalper Inside Pro: Strategy 1-2 Sensitivity Select

Open Position Mode

Next Candle Entry: open a position on the next candle after the signal appears.

Next Candle Entry

Delta Entry: we open a position when the price reaches the calculated entrance level. This mode helps to filter out some false signals.

Delta Entry

Time Filter Settings

Scalper Inside Pro: Time Filter Settings
Scalper Inside Pro: Time Filter Settings
Use Time Filter

Activate a Time Filter: If true, the indicator only operates at the specified (terminal) time from ‘Start Hour’ to ‘Stop Hour’

Exit Rules

Scalper Inside PRO: Exit Rules
Scalper Inside Pro: Exit Rules
Select Close Position Settings

Auto Calculate SL: Stop Loss level is calculated automatically

Reversal SL: close positions on the opposite Signal

Use Manual SL: use Manual Stop Loss

Reversal Stop Loss
Reversal Stop Loss
Calculated Stop Loss
Calculated Stop Loss

Manual Targets

Scalper Inside: Manual Targets
Scalper Inside Pro: Manual Targets
Use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3

Use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3 (true/false)

Manual TP1, Manual TP2, Manual TP3

Manual TP1, Manual TP2, Manual TP3 values, if ‘Use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3′ = true

Manual SL (if Exit = Use Manual SL)

Manual SL value, if ‘Select Close Position Settings’ = Use Manual SL

Alerts Settings

Scalper Inside Alerts Settings
Scalper Inside Pro: Alerts Settings
All Alerts Disabled

All alerts quickly disabled, if ‘true

Arrows Email Alert, Arrows Sound Alert, Arrows Pop-up Alert, Arrows Send Notifications

Activate/Deactivate different types of signals, when the Arrow Signal appears

Push Notification Example
Push Notification Example

Multiple Indicators

Scalper Inside Pro: Multiple Indicators
Scalper Inside Pro: Multiple Indicators

If you want to use two Scalper Inside Pro indicators simultaneously on the same chart but with different settings, this option is for you.

Use Multiple Indicators (true/false)

Use Multiple Indicators (true / false)

Select Indicator Label

Selecting an indicator label for use (Indicator-1 or Indicator-2)

We set ‘Use Multiple Indicators = true’ for both indicator copies. For the first copy of the indicator, we select the label ‘Indicator-1‘, and for the second copy, we select ‘Indicator-2’:

Using Two Copies at the Same Time

After that, we can then use two copies of the indicator on the same chart simultaneously.

Other Settings

Scalper Inside: Other Settings
Scalper Inside Pro: Other Settings
History Bars for Calculation

Number of bars for calculation

Visual Settings

Scalper Inside: Visual Settings
Scalper Inside Pro: Visual Settings
Use Auto Color Theme

Use a preset Color Scheme

Select Color Theme

Dark/Light Theme selection, if ‘Auto Color Theme‘ = true

Scalper Inside Dark Theme
Dark Theme
Scalper Inside Light Theme
Light Theme
Panel Size Scale (0.5 – 2.0)

Allows to Increase or Decrease the Control Panel to a convenient size

Scale 0.8 Example

Scale 1.2 Example

All of the following graphical settings will allow you to turn signals on/off (vertical lines, arrows) and completely change the color scheme.

To use custom color settings, please do not forget to disable automatic theme selection: ‘Use Auto Color Theme’ = false
Scalper Inside Wide

Connecting and Testing Custom Indicators

The Custom Indicator Testing Module is used to connect and test your own indicators instead of built-in Strategies 1 and 2. This module works with most of the Arrow Indicators, automatically detecting their working principle. You only need to specify the indicator name and graphical buffers, in which the indicator draws arrows. Scalper Inside PRO will do the next steps by itself. Let’s see some examples.

Custom Indicator Phoenix
Custom Indicator Phoenix
The Custom Indicator should be located in the MQL4 Terminal folder: /MQL4/Indicators/…

Run Scalper Inside PRO and set ‘Select Strategy‘ = Custom Indicator:

Select Custom Indicator Mode

Set the indicator name (‘Phoenix‘ in our example) in the ‘Custom Indicator Name‘ field:

Set Indicator Name

Next step, we are select the graphic buffers of the Custom Indicator that displays arrows. Usually for Buy used Buffer-0, and for Sell used Buffer-1.

Select Buffers

Make sure that the Signal Arrows of the Custom Indicator match the Signal Arrows that Scalper Inside PRO has built:

Arrows Signal Matching

Then we can use the Scalper Inside PRO indicator in the normal mode, but receiving signals from the custom indicator.

If it turns out that the custom indicator uses another pair of buffers, different from Buffer-0 and Buffer-1, it is not a big problem – just change the buffers in the settings to another buffer’s pair.

For the correct operation of the Scalper Inside PRO indicator in the Custom Indicator Testing mode, it is unnecessary to install custom indicators on the chart! The Custom Indicator is connected with default settings.

How to know buffers in the source code of a Custom Indicator?

If you have the source code of your indicator, you can specify which buffers are used to display the Signal Arrows. It looks something like this:

Phoenix Source Code

In our example above, we see that the Custom Indicator uses Buffer-0 and Buffer-1 buffers to display the arrows.

Another Example:

Another Source Code

In this example, Buffers-3 and Buffers-4 are used to display the Signal Arrows.

Set Buffer-3 and Buffer-4 values to Scalper Inside PRO and use Custom Indicator within Scalper Inside PRO system:

Using Buffers 3-4

Scalper Inside PRO

Product URL: ScalperInsidePRO

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Good Luck & Big Profits


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