Scalper Inside PRO v3.5 – Scalping Without Limits

Today we will take a closer look at the new features and improvements in the updated Scalper Inside PRO product line, which starts with v3.5.

Since the first versions, the Scalper Inside PRO indicator has earned popularity among our friends, and clients – all traders who appreciated the indicator and began to use it in their daily practice. You can see it by reading the numerous positive feedbacks about our products. But we never stop on the results we have already achieved because the market is not static – it changes over time and the trading conditions may also change. That’s why in the new version we have added important features that simplify the use of the indicator and make it even more usable and profitable.

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Scalper Inside PRO

Product URL: ScalperInsidePRO

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Current Version: v3.58

Description: Scalper Inside PRO is an innovative product that uses the exclusive Next-Generation Trend Detection Algorithm (NG TDA) to determine the trend fast and accurately. Scalper Inside PRO is an indicator that will automatically determine the exact time of opening and closing positions and calculate detailed statistics to select the best trading instrument for your trade. Also, with Scalper Inside PRO indicator, you can connect custom indicators to check and calculate their statistics and profitability. The indicator is suitable for any trading instrument and timeframe.

Trading Instruments: Any

Working Time Frame: Any, but M5 recommended

Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4

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If you were not previously familiar with the indicator, we recommend that you first read the full and detailed article about the previous versions of the indicator, with examples of using the indicator and its settings.
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Scalper Inside PRO
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Main Features of the Scalper Inside PRO

Main Features and Control Panel Scalper Inside PRO

Scalper Inside PRO Main Features

  • Next Generation Trend Detection Algorithm v2.0 (NG TDA)

  • Automatic Detection of Entry and Exit Points

  • Detailed Statistics Calculation

  • High Time Frame (HTF) Impulse Filter

  • Built-in indicator Optimization Module

  • Ready for Different Trading Instruments and Time Frames

  • Ability to Connect Custom Indicators to Check Profitable

  • Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Traders

  • 100% Non-Repainting Indicator

  • Ability to Сustomize the Indicator for Your Own Trading Strategy
Scalper Inside PRO - New Horizons of Trading

Control Panel Description

The indicator control panel is used to display statistics of calculations for the current trading instrument, as well as various information about the current state of the indicator.

Control Panel Description - Scalper Inside PRO

To move the control panel to another location on the chart, left-click on the control panel twice. The content of the control panel will disappear (see point 1). Then, by holding the left mouse button on the control panel, drag the panel to the desired location on the price chart and double-click on the control panel again (see point 2). Now the panel will be in a new place on the chart.

Control Panel Moving

Minimized Control Panel Description

If we’re clicked the minimize button on the indicator control panel (in the upper-right corner of the panel), the panel will collapse to save space on the chart.

When the panel is minimized, the indicator displays short information about the current trading instrument, the direction of the current signal, TP1/TP2/TP3 targets reached, and WR% of the current trading instrument:

Minimized Panel Info

Control Panel Extended Mode

Pressing the ‘Additional Panel Activation‘ button opens the Extended Control Panel:

Scalper Inside PRO - Extended Control Panel

Scalper Inside PRO - Extended Control Panel Info

Pressing the ‘Additional Panel Activation‘ button again hides the Extended Control Panel.

Initial Launch of the Indicator

When you first start the Scalper Inside PRO indicator, the indicator checks if there is enough historical data for the calculation.

The number of bars needed for calculation is compared with the ‘History Bars for Calculation‘ variable. See more details here.

History Bars

If the necessary history is not enough, we will see the following message:

Bars for Calculations

Press the ‘HOME’ key and watch in real time as the history is loaded:

Scalper Inside PRO - Download History

Key HOME Pressed

When the number of bars reaches the required value, the indicator will calculate statistics and display the signals on the price chart:

Indicator Ready to Work

After loading the historical data, highly recommended switching the time frame or restart the terminal to initialize the new data!

High Time Frame (HTF) Impulse Filter

High Time Frame (HTF) Impulse Filter is a new built-in module available since v3.5 of the Scalper Inside PRO indicator. The HTF-filter uses several time frames to confirm the signals of the indicator. The HTF-filter also should help us close a losing position early and let a profitable position grow.

In a modified form, this filter has been previously successfully used by us for various trading systems, and was adapted specifically for the Scalper Inside PRO indicator. The essence of the filter is to detect an impulse price movement near strong levels at different time frames.

To make it easier to use this feature in external EA’s, the HTF-filter switch is moved to external variables and activated by default. The switch is located after all important variables to avoid affecting already created automatic EA’s:

HTF-filter Settings

HTF-Filter Signals

How HTF-filter helps us to reduce losses.

With the HTF-filter, we can significantly reduce losses when there are impulses from the HTF-filter, which can be a sign of an upcoming trend reversal. This will allow us to close the position earlier than it would be possible if we were waiting for a reversal signal from the indicator.

How to Reduce Losses

Close Position with HTF-filter

How the HTF-filter helps us to increase profit – Let the Profit Grow.

Impulses against our positions can often be a false breakout attempt, and these impulses can be used as a point to set a Stop Loss level or move our stops to Breakeven, as well as trailing our position.

Let Profit Grow

Let the Profit Grow:

HTF-filter Example (NQ100)

HTF-filter Example (FTSE100)

HTF-filter Example (USDJPY)

Even though all of our targets for the signal have already been reached, with the HTF-filter we can let profits grow and increase our profitability.

Built-in Optimization Module

In most cases, when we work with Scalper Inside PRO indicator, the default settings are enough. However, starting from v3.5 version of the indicator, to even more simplify the use of the indicator and make it more universal for users with any trading experience, we added such new feature as built-in indicator Optimization Module.

Optimization Module

To access the optimization module, open the Extended Control Panel. Read more about Control Panel Extended Mode above.

Before you will start optimization process, make sure that the number of Bars Total is greater than the Bars Recommended and download additional historical data if necessary!
  1. Click the OPTIMIZE button, and then the automatic optimization of the indicator will begin:

Optimization Process

2) Wait for the end of the optimization and do not switch time frames or trading instruments. The optimization process will take some time, after which the indicator will display the result on the chart:

Optimized Settings Found

1) If the Optimize indicator is GREEN, then the optimized parameters are used

2) In case you are not satisfied with the optimized parameters, you can press the OPT.RESET key (Optimization Reset) and reset the optimization settings

3) You can also repeat the process of the optimization (for example, after a month later) by pressing OPTIMIZE button again

Before Optimization

After Optimization

Thank you for your interest. In the next article, we will consider in detail practical examples of using the High Time Frame (HTF) Impulse Filter in trading.

Good Luck & Big Profits


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